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Why writing a code is so much fun?


This article was published in 2015 and it has been republished and updated since.

There is a lot of people who never saw code. Not even mention about writing. Most of people think that coding is really boring and hard. I deny it. Like really. Coding can be fun for every man and woman on the globe. Let’s start to begin with meaning of ‘code’. It is a text. Yeap, text to read and write. Letters, numbers, semicolons. Characters. A simple characters which are simply read by our eyes. (Of course, if you can read.) But code is more that just plain text. It has maths in text. Maths… Boring and you don’t want to check what’s next. What you really need to code is logic. Maths logic. And this is all around us.

Simply: if this then that. It’s there… everywhere. It’s not painful to code. It’s fun. It’s like building a new Lego to build a tower. Creative creation. That’s how I see code. A possibility to inspire and express yourself.

But there is more than just fun of creating. There is fun in testing and developing your idea. Testing is one of my favourite things to do with code. Let it run and check. It’s like checking if our tower of Legos is going to fall apart from your blow.

After that you can just simply share your fabulous work with others. Just show them with what you had worked for such a long time (or maybe it was just couple of hours). Show them that you like what you have done. There is much more to tell but I am a simple geek guy, IT student, not-even-a-programmer, who likes coding for just doing something new or sth just for myself.

If you really want to start coding, I recommend three languages. JavaScript (my own favourite), Python and Ruby. Install one this on your computer or, if you like to start coding on iPad or Android device, I can highly recommend to use web compilers & IDEs like Stackblitz, Github Codespaces or VSCode in Browser. Nothing to worry. They just work. Then start from simple task, try to print “Hello world” on the console. Easy peasy.

Now you are “beginner coder”.